Harry Brown's Farm
2011 Volunteer Application
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Harry Brown's Farm Volunteers, 45 Abijah Hill Road, Starks, Maine or

Name __________________________________________________________ Age__________
Address ______________________________City ____________State _____ ZIP ___________
Phone______________________ E-mail__________________________
Emergency Contact Information:

I am applying to volunteer at:
Please circle the day(s) & time(s) you are available to volunteer
Harry's Hoe-Down June 24-26
Mon 6/20 am/pm     Tues 6/21 am/pm     Wed 6/22 am/pm     Thur 6/23 am/pm
Fri 6/24 am/pm/overnite     Sat 6/25 am/pm/overnite             Sun6/26 am/pm/overnite
Mon 6/27 am/pm     Tues 6/28 am/pm

Green Love Fest August 12-14
Mon 8/8 am/pm     Tues 8/9 am/pm         Wed 8/10 am/pm         Thur 8/11 am/pm
Fri 8/12am/pm/overnite     Sat 8/13am/pm/overnite         Sun 8/14 am/pm/overnite
Mon 8/15 am/pm         Tues 8/16 am/pm

Harry's Harvest Ball Sept 30- Oct 1
Mon 9/26 am/pm     Tues 9/27 am/pm         Wed 9/28 am/pm     Thur 9/29 am/pm
Fri 9/30 am/pm/overnite         Sat 10/1 am/pm/overnite         Sun 10/2 am/pm/overnite
Mon 10/3 am/pm         Tues 10/4 am/pm

Preferences for 2011 (Enter 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices/ see brief descriptions below)
Early grounds crew_____            Fest Grounds Crew_____          Set-up _____
Security/BlissPatrol_____          Fire Guardians _____                 Info Center _____
Parking/traffic_____                   *First Aid_____                            Stage Hands_____
Clean Up after fest_____              Sign making_____                      Sewing_____
Artisan workers_____                  Hospitality_____                         Transportation_____
Kids Area _____                             Political Action_____                 Live Art_____
Art Gallery_____                           Workshops_____                        Healing Arts_____
Field Fun _____                              Skill Sharing_____ 

If you are volunteering for something that we haven't listed, please tell us about what you have in mind! If you feel you may be able to contribute in another significant way, please let us know! We are very supportive of creative work/trade.

Have you volunteered at a Festival before? No___ Yes ____ Which one?
Please list two references: Names and contact information

What experience/skills/certifications do you have?
Other volunteers you hope to work with?
What don't you want to miss?
Is there anything we should know about you that would limit or specify your ability to do your job? (i.e. handicaps, allergies, other limitations)
Vegetarian? (check one) Yes______ No______ Other?________________________

Volunteer Applications will be accepted through April 20. Confirmation email or letters will be sent with your volunteer schedule and a commitment agreement.  The commitment agreement MUST be returned before your volunteer agreement is complete. We will fill the available positions after reviewing ALL application received by that date. If there are positions available after the deadline they will be available only on a first come- first serve basis. We will be scheduling you for 10 volunteer hours in exchange for your ticket, invitation to Community Meal on Friday at High Noon and volunteer t-shirt!

Volunteer Descriptions
Early grounds work crew- This crew will work on various dates TBA through the spring and early summer improving, maintaining and preparing the hill for the events. This may include brush clearing, wood cutting, tree falling, excavation and land work, haying, landscaping, gardening and more.
Fest Grounds Crew -Clean up during and after festival, filling water stations, recycling stations, sort returnables & groom the grounds.
Set-up-This is an important commitment and you must be here prior to the event. Work includes laying, staking and flagging the property, setting up tents, etc.
Security/Bliss Patrol -This crew keeps peace and harmony on the hill, checks wristbands, makes rounds, reports & communicates and insures the safety of our guests. We will need day and overnight crews. You must attend training before the event.
Fire Guardians- Keepers of the communal fires. You will guard against bad vides and keep the perpetual fires burning and under control. Required training provided opening day morning.
Info Center - This will be folks who know the hill so they can assist the guests with messages, lost and found, event info, selling, t-shirts, stickers, etc
Parking/traffic -  Help get them in and move them out. Show them where to park or camp.
First Aid -This is a round-the-clock crew staffing our emergency tent. We especially need Certified First Aid, CPR, Nurses, EMT's
Healing Arts - Sharing your healing love with folks on the field. Herbalists, Massage, Reiki practitioners welcome.
Stage Hands- Assist the stage production with set up, security and more
Clean Up & Post Event Tear Down - put it all away! We need a few hard workers who can stay a few extra days.
Sign making, Sewing, Artisan workers - Sewing, painting and creative installations with our designs and patterns in advance. If you have an idea for an artist/artisan trade for ticket, WE ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE contact us at HarryBrownsFarm@gmail.com
Hospitality - Preparing, serving and clean up for community meals, staff refreshment/coffee stations, Back-stage food and beverage
Transportation - If you are a licensed driver and willing to drive YOUR vehicle, only 5hours on call or 100 miles (.60 per mile) required for your camping ticket. Deliveries, hauling, moving items on and off site. Must be sober!
Kids Area - Open Saturday 10 am -5 pm and Sun 10 am - 3 pm. Help children’s area coordinator, assist in scheduled kids’ activities, help children play peacefully, keep them occupied and safe, must be able to play, be responsible and positive…perfect shift for parents coming with children
Political Action - Speakers, street theater, and skill-sharing. Also need folks to keep area tidy, restocking information, etc.
Live Art/Art Gallery - Looking for artists willing to create art during the festival; also need staffing at the art gallery
Workshops/Skillsharing/Field Fun - Are you willing to teach folks how to make or do something, are you part of a political action group and have info sharing activities to offer, do you have a really fun idea you want to make happen during the festival? You can trade your skills, interests and passions at a scheduled festival time for a festival camping ticket.

We welcome you with gratitude, with love and with joy!  See you on The Hill.