Harry Brown's Farm 2011

THE  BREW We are so pleased to bring The Brew home to The Hill!  We have cheered them on as they have worked to transform urgent and artistic music into song.  Dancing all the way to those haunting and original voices singing of romance and tragedy, while the moonlight moves through the field.  These young men are not just musicians to us, they are part of the family.  Ah joyful creation of pure unbridled musical energy for dancing Hillkatz! Welcome Home Kelley Kane, Chris Plante, David Drouin and Joe Plante.
THE TOUGHCATS with Jake Greenlaw, Colin Gulley, Joe Nelson .  The intensity can induce a stoic crowd to dance, and a wild crowd to stop and take a look. They pull out a little something for everyone, the young folks, the old folks, the hippies and the hipsters, the yuppies and the rural unemployed. With their unusual sound, a blend of old timey bluegrass, thoughtful indie rock, and classic pop twitches a la early Beatles, they bring their audience timeless music that is at once unquestionably danceable and haltingly listenable.
An all-time favorite on The Hill.  Michael Dion - guitar/harp/vocals; Jed Rosen - upright bass/vocals Jon Cumming - banjo/vocals ; J.T. Lawrence - mandolin/vocals.  We remember when the boys would go serenading around the field in the wee hours. The high-energy quartet mixes folk, blues, ragtime and jazz with progressive bluegrass and Americana-infused rock and roll.
BUZZUNIVERSE “BuzzUniverse creates rich, infectious dance music painted with a palette of soaring jams, Latin rhythms and world beat grooves-all drenched in lush saxophone solos.” – Dan Alford, Relix Magazine  Featuring Alex Garay: Guitar/Vocal;  Dave Migliore: Drums/Vocals; Greg McLoughlin: Bass/Vocals; Brian Ciufo: Saxophones/Flute/Vocals; Meredith Bogacz:Violin Rosie Lazroe: Vocals
ENTRAIN  "We wanna create music that makes people feel good. When we look out from the stage, all we see is smiling faces and bodies moving. You can't beat that feeling. At the same time if we can help to make peace and love cool again... great! There's enough negativity in the world, let's spread a little joy around and watch how infectious it can be." “Entrain plays joyous percussion chock full of invigorating, gyrating rhythms, catchy hooks and general good time groove music”-Relix Magazine
THE 220s
Joel Watson - Guitar, Vocals, Ian Maddocks - Guitar, Keys, Vocals, James Taylor - Bass, Vocals, Jason Dean - Drums.  The 220s are an alternative/progressive rock group based out of mid-coast Maine. The group was formed in 2009, and has since been through various members, and musical genres. Our shows feature original material as well as popular covers of songs spanning the last four decades.
Marking 4:20 on The Hill. A seven piece Jam~balaya of Funk/Ska/Rock/Reggae/Hip~hop.  Three different generations of musicians from 7 different genres of music. By Blending Funky Reggae Rhythms with two Epic Ska, Hard Rock Lead Guitars, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar and Soulful Vocals. You get a Style that makes you want to shake your money maker and bang your head at the same time.
BIG OL' DIRTY BUCKET - A unique blend of funk, rock, R&B, soul, jam grooves, trip hop, Latin step, blues, and experimental soundscapes that leave you no choice but to shake your booties. Our mission is simple: Move the hearts of everyone we meet, and shake the dance floors everywhere we go. We have a lot of fun, but first and foremost our goal is to bring positive energy to the world.
BLACKLIGHT RUCKUS Dance/ Funk / Psychedelic / Rock with Garrett Cypher - Guitar, Vocals, Bass;  Steve Kysor - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards;  Thomas Forbes - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Drums.  A musical fusion of Funk, Dance, and Rock where each distinct genre has been mixed in a blender, and served on the rocks. Founded on 80's style and 60's sensibilities, their musical stylings create a unique and unparalleled sound. All songs are written, recorded, and mastered by Blacklight Ruckus
THE FEW - Amidst a passion for vintage, The Few allude to retro vibes with a sense of new. From their interesting stage setup to their custom made Becker instruments and rigs, The Few does it like no other. They have a riffy, blues charged vibe, dripping with rock induced jams, a dual male/female lead vocal and big three part harmonies.
HANNAH'S FIELD - HannaH’s Field is growing good vibes. This gypsy reggae duo, fronted by female vocalist, guitarist and percussionist, HannaH,  and her sidekick, Bongo Bliss, the gypsy Rasta that  plays bass, African drums and sings (often all at the same time), are spreading their modern-hippie-Rasta-folk all over the country. "To be healthy and whole, takes many aspects, from the food we eat, to the vibrational frequencies (like music) we hear, to the medicines we put into our bodies.".
an incredible young musician, who brings happiness to folks through his music.  He spreading his love to the Hillkatz with his original song "Harry's Hill"  Give it a listen!

"I like to play music a lot...a pack of deer listened to me play guitar for a while one day, so i figured if they'll listen then maybe people will.. "



On The Hill since 1991.  Seasoned musicians with a soulful selection of original music and cover tunes.  John Newsome on guitar and vocals.  Ellie Howell on vocals, drums, accordion and a variety of other percussion instruments.   Ellie and John played at the very first Hempstock on Harry Brown's Farm in 1991. 

THE MALLETT BROTHERS - Fuel-injected 6-piece alt-country rock band from Portland, ME. Best Local Act, Best Live Act, Best Local Album in the Phoenix Best Music Poll, 2011. Top selling new local artist in Maine, 2010.  Sounds like Steve Earle meets the Stones, in a shack in the woods, with electricity and a bottle of bourbon.
What a treat it has been getting to know the fine folks in this awesome band from Bangor, Maine.  Blues/Bluegrass/Funky Jam stuff. Love the flute!  Anthony Ambrosino (guitar/vocals ), Windell White (drums), Jed "Greed Pig" Profeta, Shoeless Jimmy Morang (bass guitar) .  Influances include Ligthning Hopkins, Umphreys McGee, Grateful Dead. Windell: Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Rush. Shoeless Jimmy: Phish, Cake, Beastie Boys.


The Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble is Amos Libby (oud, vocals), Eric LaPerna (percussion), Michael Gallant (violin), and Carl Dimow (flutes).  Okbari presents music from the richly varied contemporary and historic cultural traditions of the Middle East including Ottoman Turkish Classical compositions, rural Turkish folk and devotional songs, Arabic classical and folk music, and dance music from the Armenian and Turkish immigrant diasporas. 
PARANOID SOCIAL CLUB -  Hailing from Portland, ME the band has received international accolades for it’s high energy style. Equally inspired by punk, soul, psychedelic rock, and the human psyche; PSC is a musical movement like no other. The fervor of their incendiary live show has propelled them to that of cult status. Paranoid Social Club creates one of a kind anthems using sarcasm and beauty, two things that rarely coincide.
"We got together with a like minded goal; to play good music, that we enjoy playing, for people who enjoy listening to it. Simple, but its all we really are looking to do. Well, that and take over the world. We're big fans of music and lots of music at that. We like to tip our hats frequently be it via cover or the vague familiarity we hope you hear in our music. To be something new but familiar, to be meticulous yet simple, structured with occasional storms of chaos"

Justin Michaud, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Josh Bernier, Andrew Downey, Peter Gerard.  Progressive Rock Band, based in the great state of Maine.  Fusing an array of musical styles, RG is a unique and refreshing taste for the eardrums.

SUPERFROG - Revealing  the essence of jam within a framework of ROCK. Get ready  jump and shout with a high powered live show that is always an intense experience!  If you want action. If you want to gyrate. If you want to nod your... head to a funky beat, slam to a killer solo or stomp to a rippin' bassline...THIS IS YOUR NEW FAVORITE BAND.
TWIDDLE - Twiddle, a Vermont-based quartet, spins tall-tales over an intricate soundscape of hi-def shred. They have started a frenzy on both coasts, composing complex arrangements that conjure up Coltrane, Ranglin, and Zappa. Obliterating the laws of improvisation, Twiddle delivers spectacular climaxes, defiantly weaves through genres, and never fails to leave a crowd lusting for more. It is three-dimensional music. You can see it from all sides, and even serve it to your guests. It's Twiddle. Tasty.
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