Harry Brown's Farm 2011

HARRY BROWN'S FARM -- what's it all about....

Harry Brown's Farm–The Hill–is operated by Harry Brown & his family.  We are a multi-generational land based organic family enterprise.  We formed to carry on the tradition of activist festival gatherings & pass on stewardship of the land  to the next generation.


In the center is the garden
This is a practice. Hill Dreams.
Our dream of a sustainable revolutionary community ready to engage in peaceful social change.

 The festivals have evolved to become a temporary counter-culture village–a home in your heart when you are away--a place of celebration, refuge and healing.  It is where we practice our creative visions and learn that we can change the world.   Come Home to The Hill.

"Hempstock 1993 7 pm"

 We are proud to support & honor our creative folks–all you poets, musicians, teachers, farmers, healers, rabble-rousers, shamen, cooks, dancers, builders, artists, puppeteers & visionaries.  Creation is a holy thing.  Caring for the stage is a sacred duty.  We are touching magic together.

"First Day of the Rest of Your Life.."

Harry Brown has proudly and openly offered  his land every year for gathering in support of marijuana law reform since Hempstock in 1991.  We stand in solidarity with our comrades who share the vision of a world full of free & flourishing marijuana and are out there working to make it happen. Diversity of tactics.  Flower Power.

Harry Brown speaking for the good green ganja


We honor this legacy by tithing 10% of our profit to those individuals and organizations working for Marijuana Liberation.  This open grant process is administered by Friends of The Hill, a non-profit consensus based affinity group.

Learning about living on The Hill

It is Harry's vision to have beautiful open fields full of free & frolicking people. 
Folks who leave the field ready to Speak Truth to Power.

 "Dig it.  Free the Weed.  All Power to The People."
"imagine all the people...
you may say i'm a dreamer
but i'm not the only one.."

 With gratitude, with love, with joy.
February 2011


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Harry Brown's Farm  Starks, Maine  21 Years of Gathering in Support of Marijuana Law Reform.  Good Green Love.